My Quest for more information

I am a voracious reader.  It’s not unusual for me to have several books on the go. I read for many reasons, more often to escape or to be entertained, but also to learn. That’s why when we decided to pursue vision therapy for our daughter I set out to read everything I could find on the subject. Admittedly, our local bookstore and library didn’t have much available, so I turned to the internet. I have spent hours slogging through Google search findings, looking for pertinent material that related to our situation. There is a lot of information available, but it isn’t central to one place, so as I researched I started to compile a list.

My list is pages long, but for the purpose of this blog I have short-listed the resources I refer to on a regular basis.  At the top of this page you’ll see a tab entitled “Resources”.  The information on the resource page is not intended to replace medical advice, and you are encouraged to have your child (or yourself as the case may be) assessed by a Behavioural (or Developmental) Optometrist before pursuing vision therapy. The purpose of the resource page is to help you become an informed consumer as you work towards your personal objective – whatever that may be.

Up next in The View From Here ~ our family’s journey through vision therapy  I will share our first experiences with vision therapy along with what my daughter and I learned about the importance of proper posture.

2 thoughts on “My Quest for more information

  1. Excellent blog! I too am doing Vision Therapy with Dr. Tai and Helen but as an adult and I cannot help but say, I hope others will read and understand that it makes a difference! No matter one’s age … it makes a difference and a positive one at that

    • Hi Frances.

      Thank you for visiting our blog, and taking the time to write. I appreciate your compliments, and your personal insight as an adult undergoing vision therapy. I completely agree with you, that no matter a person’s age, VT can help to make things easier. I hope to include future posts that address this topic, as my husband recently learned that he has some similar issues with his vision as our daughter. (Specifically tracking.) Best wishes to you for continued success with your vision therapy! April

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