Bottom-Shuffling and Poor Stereoacuity

A very interesting read from one of my favourite blogs, “The Vision Help Blog”.

While neither of my children were bottom-shufflers (I think my daughter crawled on all fours for about a quarter of a second before she decided it was much faster to stand up-right and walk!) I still found this article about the correlation between bottom-shuffling and the potential for poor stereoacuity very interesting. Admittedly, I had never heard of it before now.

The VisionHelp Blog

bottom_shufflingAny idea what bottom-shuffling is?  Hint: we’re not referring to a shady dealer in Atlantic City or Vegas.  It’s when an infant moves about in a sitting position, with our without use of the arms.  It’s also referred to as bottom-hitching, and here are a couple bottom-shufflers in action:

Cute, ay?  Bottom-shufflers tend to walk a bit later than their non bottom-shuffling counterparts, but I’d never really given much thought to it until I read this article in the January 2013 issue of Optometry and Vision Science: Poor Stereoacuity Among Children With Poor Literacy: Prevalence and Associated Factors, and learned that bottom shuffling is a factor significantly associated with poor stereopsis.  To quote from the body of the article:

“A twofold increase in the prevalence of poor stereoacuity was observed for low-literacy children who were reported to be bottom shufflers as babies.  This association was independent of prematurity.  Crawling on…

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One thought on “Bottom-Shuffling and Poor Stereoacuity

  1. Bottom Shuffling was just one of the many findings related to poor stereovision. This is a well-done article and the authors should be commended.

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