Coping with the Crazy Days

When I decided to start this blog I promised myself that I would be candid and honest, as I hope by doing so I can help other families going through similar experiences. For us, the vision therapy journey is filled with peaks and valleys. We can have a steady flow of great progress where things seem to be falling into place, school is a little easier, and my daughter is feeling calm and confident. Then, we have days like yesterday where she’s completely overwhelmed, frustrated, procrastinating, and well … tired.  Once upon a time, not too long ago, every school day was overwhelming. Since beginning vision therapy we have good days, great days and less than stellar days. Yesterday was a less than stellar day.

It is assessment time for term one report cards in our little corner of the world. This means that my daughter is inundated with projects and assignments (yes, even though she’s only in second grade), as her teacher prepares her evaluations. Yesterday she had social studies homework that included writing and coloring; she studied for today’s social studies quiz; had extra reading from the special education resource teacher that also included journaling, and her daily reading that is assigned to the class. This doesn’t include the math test she has to study for, for Thursday or the project she has to complete for the end of the month that includes both written work, and an oral presentation. And somewhere amongst the crazy, we fit in our daily 20-minute vision therapy exercises.

As the grown-up in the picture I try to make things as easy as possible, but admittedly sometimes I feel like I’m flying by the seat of my pants without a clue as to what I’m doing – like yesterday. None of my usual incentives were working. We managed to get it all done (the benefits of planning ahead and offering lots of breaks. Not to mention a lot of deep breathing on my part). Being human, sometimes in those moments of crazy I have doubts and I ask myself if vision therapy is really going to work. I have written about the small successes we’ve seen thus far, but when trying to support my (at the time) frustrated daughter and guide her through her assignments those little successes can be forgotten. That’s why, after we make it over the hurdle, homework is completed, bedtime stories have been read and my children go to sleep, I turn to helpful resources to remind me that vision therapy will work, and we will get through this journey. (You may recall from an earlier blog post, reading is how I relax.)

Yesterday, I turned to EXCELerated Vision: The Wow Vision Therapy Blog by Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D., FCOVD and his team at WOW Vision Therapy.  When I looked through this blog, I actually said the word “wow” more than once. It is full – no exaggeration – of video testimonials, articles, podcasts and personal stories about the effectiveness of vision therapy.

By the time I finished watching the video What Can Vision Therapy Do for You? (October 16, 2012), any doubts I had earlier in the day about vision therapy were long gone. The video testimonial, Audrey Walks Taller Thanks to Vision Therapy, is one I am likely to refer to on a regular basis. (Like my daughter, Audrey had issues with binocular vision.)

If you haven’t already, check out EXCELerated Vision: The Wow Vision Therapy Blog. You won’t be disappointed.

As for us, today is a new day. The sun is shining, my children were smiling when they left for school and after a good night’s sleep we feel better equipped to continue on our journey. We’ll make it over the hurdles. We always do – eventually!