A fascinating read about the development of visual spatial knowledge from Dr. L. Press for The VisionHelp Blog.

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WachsDr. Wachs’s VT Manual, which we introduced in the prior post subdivides its headings as follows:  General Movement, Discriminative Movement, Ocular Development Control, Visual Acuity, Visual Thinking, Hand Thinking, Graphic Thinking, Auditory Thinking, Repetitive Expressive Communication, Logical Thinking, Representational Thought, Speed & Accuracy, and Math.  My purpose here is to be descriptive of what you’ll find in the manual when you obtain the book, rather than to reproduce the procedures.  It’ll be well worth the $65 investment.  We’ll begin with an overview of General Movement.

First up is Reflexive Control, which revolves heavily around the concept of therapy to help integrate primitive reflexes.  They are sometimes referred to as retained reflexes.  Harry notes that OT, PT, or a strengthening program may be advisable for children with low muscle tone on physiological inadequacy.  This is the part of the book that would have been aided significantly by…

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