Expanding My Home Library

The kids are at school and it’s cold and snowing outside, so I decided to take this rare opportunity to enjoy some quiet in my day with a cup of tea, credit card in hand, and shopping in The Optometric Extension Program Foundation’s  online bookstore!

As I have mentioned in previous blog entries I am an avid reader.  These days my focus is on vision therapy, vision and learning in children and ways to keep my daughter motivated at school. As I have been researching I encountered a number of suggested book titles. I am looking forward to receiving my order of:

See It. Say It. Do It. The Parents & Teachers Action Guide to Creating Successful Students and Confident Kids by Dr. Lynn F. Hellerstein  

Eye Power: An Updated Report on Vision Therapy by Ann Hoopes and Stanley Applebaum, OD

Looking Differently at Nearsightedness and Myopia: The Visual Process and the Myth of 20/20 by Steven J. Gallop, OD, FCOVD

The Suddenly Successful Student & Friends: A Guide to Overcoming Learning and Behavior Problems – How Behavioral Optometry Helps, 4th Edition by Hazel Dawkins, E. Edelman, OD & C. Forkiotis, OD

When Your Child Struggles by David L. Cook, OD

I also ordered what looks like a fun game to play with both of my children. It’s called QWIRKLE.  From The Optometric Extension Program Foundation’s web site:

Combining well-thought strategy with quick-thinking challenges, Qwirkle is played by creating rows and columns of matching colors and shapes; since the simple play requires no reading, the whole gang can connect shapes and colors, making the strategic multiple-tile moves that earn maximum points. 108 wood blocks. 2 to 4 players.”


Qwirkle (Photo credit: MeoplesMagazine)

Stay tuned for future entries on The View From Here ~ our family’s journey through vision therapy as I’ll be offering my reviews from the perspective of a parent for the above titles. (I am really looking forward to reading them.)  In the meantime, if you haven’t already, take a look at the OEPF’s online store – they have a lot to offer. And if you have other titles that you think would be helpful to our readers, please feel free to share them here.

Have a wonderful weekend!