Another great article from Dr. Dan Fortenbacher for The VisionHelp Blog. (If you haven’t already, The VisionHelp Blog is one worth following.)

The VisionHelp Blog

Behavioral and Emotional problems with CIA team of researchers have recently released the results of a new study that shows a strong connection linking Convergence Insufficiency (CI), a relatively common binocular vision problem, with ADD/ADHD behaviors and emotional problems.

Even though Convergence Insufficiency (CI) has been extensively researched over the last 10 years this additional research is an important piece in the research puzzle to help doctors understand the impact of Convergence Insufficiency (CI) on the quality of life of patient. Dr. Press and I have written on several previous VisionHelp Blog posts beginning with CI- The Private Eye Goes Public – Part 1, where the epidemiological research shows the prevalence of CI to be about 1 in 12 in pediatric populations. Additionally,  we know that CI is associated with eye strain, double vision, headaches, blurred vision and other symptoms that can be found on the Convergence Insufficiency Symptom Survey (CISS). And we have definitive research that shows the only mode of treatment…

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