Life has a way of interfering sometimes …

Compliance and commitment are important to the outcome of Vision Therapy. The majority of the reading I have done during my research supports the theory that a combination of in-office and at-home activities & exercises will ensure the best possible results from treatment. This takes commitment – from the whole family – and yet sometimes no matter how committed you may be, and no matter how dedicated you are, circumstances beyond your control will arise.

That’s what happened to us this past week. Nothing major in the grand scheme of life, but our daughter came down with a bad head cold that really took a lot out of her. As a result, we missed last week’s Vision Therapy appointment and our homework has been delayed as well. In the past when she’s been sick with a cold, it’s been fairly minor so we’ve forged ahead despite her not feeling 100%. (There’s a difference between a case of the sniffles, but otherwise feeling like oneself versus fever, sinus headache and lethargy – especially when it comes to young children.) This time however, I knew that pushing her to continue would have the opposite effect. Helen, our vision therapist, agreed. She said, to force therapy while ill just adds more stress to the body and it’s better to take time to heal rather than try to muddle through.

So rest we did. A few days later our daughter was feeling better and we’ve managed to fit in three days of vision therapy homework. Not ideal, but better than none at all. It’s a new week. Our daughter is feeling much better, and we’ll attend our next appointment as planned and continue to move forward.

The week hasn’t been without its successes either. Yesterday our daughter was playing an I Spy game with her younger brother. You know the type – a page of different objects all mish-mashed together and the reader has to find the match amongst the various details on the page. In the past, our daughter would have avoided the activity completely or become very frustrated by it. This time, she was remarkably calm, spotted a number of items that even I couldn’t find, and did so quickly.

Little steps in the right direction …

Staircase on Mount Davidson

Staircase on Mount Davidson, by Lori D’Ambrosio