A great blog entry from VT Works. The following excerpt: “If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough.” is a great reminder for parents, vision therapists … really anyone regardless of whether they’re undergoing/administering Vision Therapy. Pop over and have a read of the VT Works blog … lots of insightful information from the perspective of a Vision Therapist.

VT Works

Balancing the human ego can be a tricky task sometimes. Too much ego from one person can be troubling, while too little ego can be – well, troubling. Nothing is more annoying than watching the interview of a sporting superstar whose underlying message is “let me tell you how wonderful I am”.  I always want to jump through my television and remind them that they get paid to play a game, not save the world. On the other hand, the person filled with personal doubt and a self effacing attitude can stimulate those same emotions, but from the other direction. Seems equilibrium may be tough for the ego too.

During a long car ride yesterday, I was thinking about how ego is involved in the VT Room.  More specifically, the importance of a patient’s perception of their own intelligence and self worth.  It’s rare that I have run into a…

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