“Never Give Up! … Beanie’s Story” by Beanie Leffler

I recently learned about Beanie Leffler and her remarkable story. Beanie struggled with reading for most of her life. Despite pursuing many opportunities to try and help her with her reading she continued to struggle. Eventually Beanie began working with a tutor who sent her to a reading specialist. The reading specialist asked Beanie if she’d ever had a Vision Perception Test. Beanie had not. Turns out she had issues with her vision that she was previously unaware of, and learned that help was available.

Beanie discovered Vision Therapy at the age of 55 years! Together with Vision Therapy and working with her tutor, Beanie’s reading has improved.

Her journey and struggles, inspired her to write “Never Give Up! … Beanie’s Story”, with illustrations by Kathy Kuczek.

“Never Give Up! … Beanie’s Story” is a 32-page, hardcover children’s book with colorful illustrations and a remarkable story of the importance of perseverance. Through her story, Beanie hopes to prevent other children from going through what she did; struggling with reading and not knowing that the right help was available.

Take a moment to visit Beanie’s website, Beanie Leffler. Read her personal story, peruse the testimonials and consider purchasing a copy of her book to add to your children’s library or your office for the benefit of your young patients. (I ordered two copies. One for our home library and one to donate to my children’s school library.)

Never give up! (Beanie didn’t.)

"Never Give Up! ... Beanie's Story"

“Never Give Up! … Beanie’s Story”

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