Boston ~ 15.04.2013

I have tried numerous times over the past several hours to write a tribute fitting of the victims of the Boston Marathon and their families.  The words seem trite and cliché, and yet I can’t not say anything, and I certainly won’t ignore what has happened.

Our Canadian media headlines have been filled with news about yesterday’s tragedy in Boston. We feel the pain along with our neighbours in the United States. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families, our admiration holds firm for the first responders who – as bystanders ran from the explosions in search of safety – they ran towards it. We held our collective breaths as many of us waited for news of loved ones, colleagues and friends who were participating in and/or watching the marathon. We watched in awe as we heard multiple stories of runners heading directly to a nearby hospital to donate blood, images of strangers holding each other up, or stopping amidst the chaos to help the injured.

It’s been all consuming as we ask ourselves “why?” and “how could this happen?” the answers to which we may never know.

Many of us have said a prayer, lit a candle, held our children extra tight. We’re feeling helpless thinking there is nothing we can do. And yet perhaps there is. We cannot make sense of the horrible tragedy of yesterday, but our continued love and respect for one another can make a difference for tomorrow:

Martin Luther King Jr.