“Vision Therapy Parents Unite”

When our daughter was first identified as having issues with her binocular vision I took to doing my own research in an attempt to educate myself on the subject of Vision Therapy (VT) and the vision-learning connection. At the time, one thing that was missing was a central place to commiserate with other people who had undergone Vision Therapy or were in a similar position we were – just starting their VT program, feeling a bit overwhelmed and looking for answers.

Thanks to a group of passionate parents who are enthusiastic about promoting awareness of the positive effects of Vision Therapy such a place now exists!

“Vision Therapy Parents Unite” is a new group on Facebook whose members include parents whose children have already experienced success from Vision Therapy, parents like myself whose children are still undergoing a VT program, Vision Therapists, Behavioural Optometrists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists – the membership increases daily – all of whom are willing to take the time to answer questions and discuss the effectiveness of Vision Therapy. Information resources are updated regularly, and the atmosphere is friendly, welcoming and positive.

If you haven’t already, stop by the group. Membership is by request, but the administrators are very quick to respond and soon you will find yourself chatting along with the rest of us. Join the united front to help increase awareness about Vision Therapy and in return you’ll likely make at least one new virtual friend!

To request to join click here: Vision Therapy Parents Unite    and if you feel inclined, spread the word by sharing the link with others you know who may be interested.