National Center for Learning Disabilities Addresses Vision Therapy

An excellent article by Dr. Leonard Press for The VisionHelp Blog sharing [accurate] information about the benefits of Vision Therapy. A worthwhile read, and a must share!

The VisionHelp Blog

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Wonderful to see the interview in which Dr. Debbie Walhof and I participated, Could Vision Issues Be Contributing to Your Child’s Difficulty With Learning?  The article is a very timely one, particularly for the back-to-school season that is almost upon us.  But it should be recommended reading for pediatricians, educators, and parents year-round.


Let me tell you a little bit more about Debbie Walhof, M.D., as noted on the NCLD website.  First and foremost, she is a parent and believes that all children need to be in an environment that helps them blossom and be the best they can be. Her son Jack is 13 years old and has Dyslexia. It is a journey for him, their family and those involved in his education. In her words, “the field of education just likes the field of healthcare needs to undergo a paradigm shift: a shift that supports multiple…

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