We Have a Vision Therapy Graduate!

We made it! After 16-months our daughter will be graduating from her vision therapy program tomorrow with Dr. Fabian Tai & Associates.

It’s been a long haul, that was difficult at times, but mostly fun, and we have seen some pretty awesome results:

  • Our daughter is reading 6-months ahead of grade expectation, and her teacher says her comprehension is “lovely” and her fluency continues to improve.
  • She is able to read for extended periods of time without fatigue. (No more yawning, tearing or red-rimmed eyes.)
  • Her printing has improved dramatically; she prints on the line, with more even- sized letters and very few reversals. (On the odd occasion when she does reverse a letter or number, she self corrects; something she didn’t do before VT.)
  • She is much more aware of her surroundings. Prior to Vision Therapy she’d focus on what was immediately in front of her, and would startle or take several steps backwards when one of her friends would step into view, or stand too close. She no longer does this.
  • She’s more confident.
  • Her artistic abilities are flourishing. We have really noticed how much detail she puts into her drawings and paintings. And she carries her “drawing book” with her regularly to make notes, pictures or doodles. (This has also proved to be a wonderful outlet for coping with general anxiety.)
  • Her interests are expanding. She’s asked to enrol in art classes. She joined the choir at school and she’s hoping to begin gymnastics this summer.

I feel confident in saying that more positive changes are still to come as we continue to work on catching up on what she missed prior to her visual issues being addressed and treated.

Our sincerest thanks go to Dr. Fabian Tai and vision therapists Helen and Kathleen.  They took great care of our daughter, and went to tremendous lengths to support her through the vision therapy program.

I’ll be back to write a more detailed summary of the current improvements compared to where we were sixteen months ago, but I couldn’t delay any longer in announcing:

We have a Vision Therapy Graduate!!

8 thoughts on “We Have a Vision Therapy Graduate!

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  2. What exciting news – April and her daughter can be justly proud! All those weeks of hard work and dedication to the weekly appointments and numerous vision exercises has really made a difference to the life of a beautiful little girl! We must all spread this wonderful news so that other children too can benefit from improved visual comprehension, self-confidence and positive interaction in their daily lives with visual, verbal and written communication.
    From a very proud, beaming Grandmother.

    • Thanks so much Beanie! And kudos to you for all you do to advocate for Vision Therapy and its benefits.

      I’ll be sure to keep you posted on new developments.


  3. Aloha,

    Congratulations! When I graduated from vision therapy some 50 years ago, I went from a C student to straight A’s. Thanks for sharing your story… It helps others who need to know that help is available. If anyone reading this would like a review copy of my book Refreshing Vision: Opening the Windows of the Soul, please feel free to contact me.


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