Auditory Processing Disorder/Delay (APD)

In addition to the various visual issues our daughter was diagnosed with in the Fall of 2012, she has been identified as also having an Auditory Processing Delay. (While it wasn’t made clear as to why the term “disorder” wasn’t used, our assumption is her APD is considered mild.)

Our daughter’s hearing is excellent; always has been. As a matter of fact, she hears a lot of things my husband and I can’t. For example, she’s always been able to tell when a lightbulb is about to go out. She can hear the “ping-ping-ping” as she calls it. My husband and I just assumed she had great hearing, little did we know that it can also be a distraction for her. Individuals with APD often have good hearing, and like the 20/20 myth with respect to vision, having perfect hearing doesn’t mean there can’t be an issue with one’s auditory system. The issue isn’t about how well our daughter can hear, the issue is with how her brain interprets the sounds she is hearing.

Going forward I will be sharing a lot of information in this portion of our blog about APD. We haven’t determined exact next steps for our daughter as it has been difficult finding someone who understands and has experience with APD in our area. But I will find them!  In the meantime, I have been doing a lot of research, and came across some really helpful resources:

Blogs About Auditory Processing Disorder (APD):

Raising A Child With Auditory Processing Disorder

A mother shares her journey with her 12-year old daughter who has APD.

Andrea’s Buzzing About: Living With (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder

Auditory Processing Disorder: Breaking the Silence of this Silent Disorder 

Books About Auditory Processing Disorder (APD):  

Same Journey Different Paths: Stories of Auditory Processing Disorder

This is a fantastic book featuring first-hand accounts of what it’s like to live with Auditory Processing Disorder. With multiple authors, each chapter is written by someone who has APD, or a parent whose child lives with it. Lots of great information is included. In addition they have a Facebook page, so be sure to stop by.

Articles About Audio Processing Disorder:

“Hearing the Rainbow, Big, Bright and Beautiful” by Cat for Sensory Flow

“Hearing Doesn’t Mean He Heard It” by Cat for Sensory Flow


More resources will be shared here, as I find them. Be sure to check back regularly.

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